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January 30, 2023 ied_admin

Lost Millennials: #1 Newsletter

Lost Millennials: #1 Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Lost Millennials newsletter, with all the latest project updates. Read on to learn more about our aims, the launch of the project website and the release of the country reports focusing
on policy context addressing 25+ NEETs.

We hope you enjoy reading our first newsletter!

About the Project

The project aims to enhance the successful integration of 25+ NEETs into the labour market, education, and training, while at the same time improving evaluation practices of labour market initiatives targeting 25+ NEETs. Additionally, through its activities, the project aims to increase knowledge on the effects of education and/or employment initiatives and enhance stakeholders’ capacity to carry out impact studies.

Target Group

The Lost Millennials project focuses on a specific group of the Millennial generation, young people aged 25-29 who are not in employment or education and training (NEETs).

Transnational Meetings

In 2021 and 2022, three transnational meetings were held. The kick-off event took place online, while the first in-person meeting was held in Bodo, Norway and the second in Burgos, Spain. During these meetings, project partners had the opportunity to participate in workshops on evaluation methods, discussed methodologies and selected initiatives. 

Achievements of the Lost Millennials Consortium

  1. Organisation of 3 training sessions, the first one on evaluation methods, the second one on quantitative, and the third one on qualitative methods of impact assessment.
  2. Organisation 2 online events recorded and live-streamed through the project’s Facebook page. Check out the recording on the YouTube channel!
  3. Organisation of 3 Transnational Meetings: online Kick-Off meeting (Dec. 2021), face-to-face meeting in Bodo, Norway (Jun. 2022), and face-to-face in Burgos, Spain (Sept. 2022).
  4. Publication of national reports on the project’s website on the policy context addressing 25+ NEETS.
  5. Publication of the first transnational research report about 25+ NEETs in the EU and beneficiary countries.
  6. Publication in the Youth Employment Magazine on school dropouts and youth employment in Malta.

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