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Leading by professionalism, passion and respect,
we come together to fulfil our common goals and create a positive impact.


HETFA Research Institute Ltd

HETFA Research Institute Ltd. is an independent think tank based in Budapest, Hungary established in 2009 by economists, political scientists and sociologists sharing theoretical and practical experience in social research, public administration and consultancy.

HETFA provides useful and evidence-based analyses on national as well as local policy issues for the decision-makers and the policy expert community to improve the quality of public debates and public decisions.

HETFA has broad experience in analysing and evaluating public policies and programmes, as well, as formulating policy strategies and evaluation tools. Building on its thorough knowledge of Hungarian and Central European circumstances, it seeks to conduct policy-relevant research at international level to contribute to a better understanding of the current socio-economic situation of Europe and to the identification of new, innovative policy solutions.

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Institute of Entrepreneurship Development - iED

IED is a Greek NGO committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit. By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, IED conducts research and is in position to provide innovative solutions that facilitate the growth of healthy entrepreneurship and promote employment.

In order to achieve this goal, the institute adopts an anthropocentric approach and cooperate with social, academic and business partners from Greece and abroad, aiming at producing and transferring know how, promoting entrepreneurial culture and enhancing the effectiveness and viability of enterprises.
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Center for the Study of Democracy

CSD is an independent, interdisciplinary research-oriented think-tank with regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe and Western Balkan countries fostering the reform process in the region through combining research excellence with policy advocacy.

It is at the forefront of tackling the hidden economy and undeclared work, as well as advocating for social inclusion of vulnerable groups and fundamental rights in Bulgaria.
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Czech Republic

IREAS, Institute for structural policy

IREAS is a respected evaluation company providing numerous evaluations primarily in the area of EU Structural funds. The evaluations included topics like unemployment, inclusion, education or research and development.

The activities of IREAS consist of three main topics: human resources and education, environment, as well as evaluations and regional development. The institute has experience in educational projects including development of innovation approaches to teaching and education. It has realized number of projects in area of supporting schools, training of teachers, and development of new educational methods for schools or preparation of new training courses or programs.
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Evidence Institute Foundation (EIF)

Evidence Institute is a small but very dynamic NGO which is based on community of prominent experts and young researchers in evidence – based policy making in the field of education and labour market.

EI supports schools and local governments while developing modern solutions that combine education and labour market with the world of IT and research. Their activities are addressed to schools, local governments, companies, and organizations that care about improving the quality of education and labour market in Poland. Their capacity is strengthened with tools used for assessments and investigation of preferences (online platform). EI uses the Discrete Choice Experiment methodology, which helps to reveal key aspects of NEETs situation – motivation and incentives. EI is the author of a novel methodology that can be employed in the research.
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University of Burgos

The University Burgos (UBU) is a medium-sized Spanish university located in Burgos, Castilla y León. Founded in 1994, UBU is a young university with over 7,500 students at 7 research centres.

The Entrepreneurship and Familiar company (Emprenfam) research group will be involved in the implementation of the project. It will contribute to the baseline study through statistical data analysis, also in samples of young individuals in the field of entrepreneurship (use of large databases, development of surveys and qualitative phenomenological analyses based on interviews).
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Binda Consulting International Ltd

Binda Consulting International Ltd. is a shareholding registered in Malta which provides analysis,
research, training, and capacity building to international clients, such as NGO-s, political parties, stateactors and often international development agencies.

BCI has a permanent staff of 6 people with a broad range of expertise including experience in political transitions, international political and democracy development, civil society development, human rights, supporting youth engagement, training leaders and political candidates, social policy and social work, education, energy poverty, capacity building, anti-corruption and support Roma youth’s educational inclusion.
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Sapientia University of Cluj Napoca

Sapientia University was established in 2001 as an independent higher education institution in Romania, with the aim of providing tertiary education in Hungarian language.

The university is a relatively young and small university but still has already significant experience on implementing national and European level projects.Two departments of the university will participate in the Lost Millennials project; the Department of Social Sciences where several colleagues specialize in researching young peopleand their placement in the labour market, as well as the Business and Economic Department where participating researchers can provide insights into the local and nationaleconomic context of NEETs in Romania.
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Slovak Business Agency

Slovak Business Agency (SBA) is the oldest specialized non-profit organization for the support of SMEs in Slovakia. SBA was founded in 1993 by a common initiative of the EU and the Slovak Government.

It is the unique platform of public and private sectors supporting the growth of Slovak SMEs for more than 25 years. SBA has a long track in international projects in topics: start-up support, innovation and cooperation support, women entrepreneurship, clusters, circular economy and social entrepreneurship. SBA is a member of the EEN network.
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ZSI - Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH | Centre for Social Innovation

ZSI is an applied social scientific institute that contributes to mitigating social challenges by providing scientific evidence for decision-making and by developing concepts for the implementation of interventions in various policy areas and societal fields.

It specialises in labour market, education, training and lifelong learning, and social inclusion and vulnerability issues. ZSI has successfully realized diverse types of projects in varying roles as partner, coordinator, or occasionally contractor, and currently has 50+ ongoing projects. It provides both quantitative and qualitative research, evaluation of initiatives, policies and research programmes, multi-stakeholder engagement and facilitation, strategy development, networking and consulting to clients such as the European Commission, OECD, ILO, Eurofound, UNI Europa and federal ministries in Austria.
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Nord University

Nord University has one of Norway’s leading research and teaching communities within innovation and entrepreneurship, with a strong international position. Founded and accredited in 2016, it is a state-owned higher education institution with 5 faculties and approximately 1,300 employees.

The university has a focus on developing regional networks with communities, business and industry, which is strengthened by a decentralised model. Cooperation between the university and community and working life stimulates development, through the education of professionals and leaders and through research that contributes to economic growth.
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Bifröst University

Bifröst University is a private, non-profit Higher education establishment with strong international experience. Founded in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1918, its role from the start was to educate leaders for business and society at large.

The institute places great emphasis on lifelong learning and adult education by applying innovative learning methods. The department of lifelong learning and preparatory studies has programs for management skills, entrepreneurship and more. The mission of the lifelong learning department is particularly relevant for NEETs. Bifröst University participates in many academic networks of the Erasmus+ and COST programs, the Northern Periphery Program and more. It has participated in 9 cooperation projects funded by the EEA Grants, in 5 different Beneficiary Countries.
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Demos Research Institute oy

Demos Helsinki is a globally operating, independent think tank. It conducts research, offers consultancy services, and reimagines and experiments futures with a global alliance, Untitled.

It works with governments, cities, companies, universities, and other partners sharing a mission to build a fair, sustainable, and joyful next era. Demos has done participatory co-creative research in the fields of Inclusion and Participation in relation to non-discrimination policy and the inclusion of digital services, as well as youth well-being and participation.
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