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August 11, 2023 ied_admin

Empowering the Youth: Four Pioneering Insights from the Lost Millennials Project

Regional Funds Online Magazine - Issue 38, July 2023

Empowering the Youth: Four Pioneering Insights from the Lost Millennials Project

We are thrilled to share with you some of the latest developments of the Lost Millennials project. Our dedication to addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth has been unwavering, and we are proud to announce that our efforts have been recognised and featured in the “Regional Funds Online Magazine” in July 2023.

Four of our distinguished partners have recently written some insightful articles, each highlighting the challenges faced by young European NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and the existing opportunities to enhance their inclusion and employability.

The Articles in the Regional Funds Online Magazine: How to Read Them

  1. “Digital Natives and Digital Citizens” by Martina Kubíková , IREAS Institute for Structural Policy (pages 60-61)
    • This enlightening article delves into the distinction between being born into the digital age and actively participating as a digital citizen.
  2. “Unlocking Opportunities for NEETs: Nurturing Digital Skills for the Future” by Vasilis Bouronikos, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (pages 62-64)
    • This article highlights the pressing need to equip the youth, especially NEETs, with the digital skills required for the future, for their inclusion and employability.
  3. “Tackling Youth Unemployment and the NEETs” by Alexander Politov and Lilia Yakova, Center for the Study of Democracy (pages 65-66)
    • Through a comprehensive analysis, they address the alarming rates of youth unemployment and the increasing number of NEETs. They present strategies used to combat these issues and ensure a brighter future for youth.
  4. “What Does the Activation Programme Mean for the Most Disadvantaged Young People From Marginalised Roma Communities in Slovakia?” by Zuzana Poláčková, Slovak Business Agency (pages 67-69)
    • This article provides a deep dive into the activation programmes tailored for the marginalised Roma communities in Slovakia. Zuzana elucidates how these initiatives can make a difference in the lives of young people.

Ready to delve into pioneering insights from our distinguished partners? Tap below and immerse yourself in the complete articles online:

Read the Articles Online

We are immensely proud of our partners’ contributions. We believe their articles will deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by NEETs in Europe, paving the way for improved and tailored policies to enhance their inclusion and employability. At Lost Millennials, we remain committed to our mission, and through our dedicated efforts, we are confident in making a lasting impact.